Shining Star Center               for Spiritual Healing, Growth & Development

Our Clients Page

Our  Clients are at the Heart of All that we do.

The staff at Shining Star Center specializes in assisting an individual in their healing of traumatic life events, instilling self-empowerment tools, exploring their addictions, and incorporating vocational rehabilitative services through traditional and alternative methodologies in order to contribute to life in their communities.

Serving WNC Asheville to NE Georgia

(Gainesville Ga.)


(828) 989-3515

Shining Star Center welcomes members of the L.G.B.T.I.A.  (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, Intersexual and Asexual) Community, and is also "Biker Friendly".

If you have any other questions or personal needs, feel free to use our "Contact Us" page.

Our Promises to our Clientele:

1.  To provide a foundational atmosphere based in Love, Truth, Joy, and Equality in a non-judgmental manner.

2.  To treat all life; persons, clients, colleagues, animals, and plants with Respect, Dignity, in a positive and professional manner.

3. To provide an equal opportunity and space for all motivated individuals who enter desiring Healing, Growth, and Spiritual Development surrounding the journey of Self-Intellectuality (Mind), Physicality (Body), and Emotionally (Spirit).

4.  To provide diversified resource choices and guidance to motivated individuals at their level of awareness, comfort, and pace.

5.  To provide assistance and support in releasing the "Blocks" hindering the growth of their heart & soul's true beingness, in order to move through to their meaning and life purpose. 

6.  To provide the opportunity for Self-Actualization using their own personal spiritual journey and life's experiences with guidance to a place of true inner peace, love, self-validation, and self-empowerment.