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  •   10/14/2017 -Climbing the Mountain of Self © 2017-2021

Or Success … takes Internal Desire,  Commitment,  and  a  Supportive Environment .  It's Stretching through your Comfort Zone, At Your Own Pace - Taking Risk's as You Climb, Striving Forward with Positive Encouragement as the Top of that Mountain Begins to Appears Closer. When You begin your Climb You will Take a few more Breaks along the Way.  

Maybe You Make Another Choice and Branch Off Through Another Fork in the Path. Still Moving Forward - At Your Own Pace.   As You get Closer to the Top You Begin to Become Excited and Gain Momentum - This Climb Wasn't as Difficult as You Thought -You Can Do This!

You Find You have Strengths, Skills and Talents You weren't Aware that You had. They were Always Within You. Sometimes We Need Someone Else to See Them for Us.  Sometimes We  Need a Little Positive Support and Encouragement. 

Reaching the Top Was Always Within Our Grasp. Sometimes We Can't See the Forest Within the Tree's .....

Then We Reach the Top of the Mountain and We See it , as Far as The Eye Can See....

We See  the Beauty, Feel Our Strength's  and Accomplishment's ....Wow It Was There All Along! .... And You Gain Confidence .... Where is that next Mountain ! !