Dr Fauci's "60 Mins" interview dismissing masks - unless you're infected. 

.         MASKS

What your not told

1. You can only breathe in so much carbon dioxide each day before you will get ill.

2. Prolonged use of wearing masks will cause severe illness, as it decreases your immune system, such as developing Bacterial Pneumonia & is recently thought to initiate Throat cancer.

3.  The stated intent is to decrease population growth, (same with the vaccine) and separate everyone in order to keep everyone in a fearful state and hence compliant - by removing your constitutional  freedoms.

4.  The Covid -19 virus particles are smaller then your mask materials and will go through the sides, over the top and bottom. Breathe in and out in very cold weather were do you see your breathe go.

5.  To initiate a decoy of events in order to facilitate the socialists movement and invoke the Great Reset


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Ponder  From             Margie.

[Forwarded from America’s Front line Doctors

(Mike Coudrey)]
Dozens of mask studies for decades have always shown they have little or no effect on viruses. Suddenly 2020 just “changed” the science?

Real scientists are skeptics—and this mask hysteria doesn’t add up.

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