Employability Skills - Vocational Rehabilitation Support Group

(per person, per session, 10-week rotation commitment)

Anger Management Support Group

(per person, per session, after Educational Training)

Spiritual Support Group (per person, per session hour)

1 hr. session

2 hr. session

Spiritual Based Support Group Counseling

Stress Management Training

3.0 hr. workshop w/ various relaxation techniques (per person)

Anger Management Education Workshop

4.0 hr. workshop (per person, 6 person minimum)

Automatic Spiritual Writing Training

1.0 hr. individual training

2.0 hr workshop 6 person minimum

Ascension  Awareness Training

1.0 hr. individual session

2.0 hr. workshop 5 person minimum

Interactive Spiritual / Educational Training / Workshops

Spiritually Based Individual Life Coaching / Counseling

        1 hour Individual Sessions.*

Services Available

Lightworker Support Group

1.5 hr. (per person, per session, by invitation only)

Spiritual Awareness Advanced Group

1.5 hr. (per person, per session)

Trauma & Addictions Support Group

1.5 hr. weekly (per person, per session, after Educational Training)

Job Readiness Support Group (per person, per session)

Trauma Symptoms & Addiction Training

2.0 hr. workshop (per person, 5 person minimum)

  **Services are spiritually / inter-denominational based upon individual and universal belief systems.

Spiritual Awareness Beginning Group

1.5 hr. (per person, per session)

Interactive - Educational / Vocational Modules by Contract ****

Module I:  Employability Basics:  Participation, Production, & Performance

    4 hrs.

     1.  Respect & Learned Behaviors

     2.  Exhibiting Positive Attitudes

     3.  Grooming & Hygiene

     4.  Punctuality

     5.  Following Safety Rules

     6.  Policies & Procedures

     7.  Flexibility & Adaptation to Diverse Job Situations

Module II:  Communication Skills

     4 hrs.

     1.  Effective Listening Skills & Body Language

     2.  Verbal & Non-verbal Behaviors

     3.  Following Written / Verbal Directions

     4.  Responding to Supervision

     5.  Responding to Co-Workers

     6.  Asking for Help & Clarification

     7.  Explaining Procedures Accurately

     8.  Accessing Information

Module III:  Assessments & Self-Management

     4 hrs.

     1.  Skills Triangle:

               -  Adaptive Skills

               -  Transferable Skills

     2.  Legal & Job Related Skills

               -  Needs vs. Wants

     3.  EPA's- Employee Performance Appraisals

               -  Rights vs. Privileges

Module IV:  The Job Application

    2 hrs.

     1.  Career Profile

     2.  The Resume

Module V:  Social Skills Training

    4 hrs.

     1.  Managing Emotions

     2.  Relationships

     3.  Critical Thinking / Problem Solving

     4.  Social Responsibility

     5.  Independent Living

Module VI:  Team Building

     4 hrs.

     1.  Working Together

     2.  Individual Roles

     3.  Taking Initiative

     4.  Situations & Circumstances

     5.  Final Production

Module VII:  The Interview

     4 hrs.

     1.  Preparing for the Interview

     2.  The Interview Process

     3.  The Interview Team

Module VIII:  Conflict Resolution

     4 hrs.

     1.  Anger Management

     2.  Cultural Diversity in the Workplace

Module IX:  Therapies

     1 hr. Each

     1.  Individual Counseling

     2.  Personal / Social Skills Adjustment Counseling

     3.  Group Counseling (Ongoing)

     4.  Anger Management (12 weeks)

Module X:  EPA's - Evaluation Performance Appraisals

     2 hrs.

     1.  Response to Supervision

     2.  Physical Capabilities

     3.  Job Tolerance

     4.  Work Quality

     5.  Utilizes Criticism

     6.  Employability Skills

     7.  Communication Skills

Module XI:  Job Coaching

     1.  Job Task Analysis

     2.  Job Training

     3.  Job Behavior Management

     4.  Employer / Support System Relations

     5.  Work Readiness Evaluation

     6.  *SDS (Self-Directed Search) Testing - Matches personality to job occupations

     *Additional Charge of $9.95 for Test Plus ** Report Session-

     Additional Session for Individualized SDS Report Interpretation & Discussion

     ****  Corporate Pricing available by proposal / contract.   

Group Energy Circles - Meditations - Meet-Up Group

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Energy Healing Sessions (per session)

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Other Individual Services

*All Individual Counseling Services based on a 50-minute therapeutic hour

Individual Automatic Channeled Writings

(2-day email turnaround)

Individual Readings: In Person (Including internet with Skype or webcam)

30 minute reading session

60 minute session

      ***  Sliding Scale Available for individual services.       

Ministerial Services

        Wedding services

        Commitment Ceremonies

        Funeral and Memorial Services

        Baptisms / Christenings

        Respite Services

        Grief Counseling