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Interactive - Educational / Vocational Modules by Contract ****

Module I:  Employability Basics:  Participation, Production, & Performance

    4 hrs.

     1.  Respect & Learned Behaviors

     2.  Exhibiting Positive Attitudes

     3.  Grooming & Hygiene

     4.  Punctuality

     5.  Following Safety Rules

     6.  Policies & Procedures

     7.  Flexibility & Adaptation to Diverse Job Situations

Module II:  Communication Skills

     4 hrs.

     1.  Effective Listening Skills & Body Language

     2.  Verbal & Non-verbal Behaviors

     3.  Following Written / Verbal Directions

     4.  Responding to Supervision

     5.  Responding to Co-Workers

     6.  Asking for Help & Clarification

     7.  Explaining Procedures Accurately

     8.  Accessing Information

Module III:  Assessments & Self-Management

     4 hrs.

     1.  Skills Triangle:

               -  Adaptive Skills

               -  Transferable Skills

     2.  Legal & Job Related Skills

               -  Needs vs. Wants

     3.  EPA's- Employee Performance Appraisals

               -  Rights vs. Privileges

Module IV:  The Job Application

    2 hrs.

     1.  Career Profile

     2.  The Resume

Module V:  Social Skills Training

    4 hrs.

     1.  Managing Emotions

     2.  Relationships

     3.  Critical Thinking / Problem Solving

     4.  Social Responsibility

     5.  Independent Living

Module VI:  Team Building

     4 hrs.

     1.  Working Together

     2.  Individual Roles

     3.  Taking Initiative

     4.  Situations & Circumstances

     5.  Final Production

Module VII:  The Interview

     4 hrs.

     1.  Preparing for the Interview

     2.  The Interview Process

     3.  The Interview Team

Module VIII:  Conflict Resolution

     4 hrs.

     1.  Anger Management

     2.  Cultural Diversity in the Workplace

Module IX:  Therapies

     1 hr. Each

     1.  Individual Counseling

     2.  Personal / Social Skills Adjustment Counseling

     3.  Group Counseling (Ongoing)

     4.  Anger Management (12 weeks)

Module X:  EPA's - Evaluation Performance Appraisals

     2 hrs.

     1.  Response to Supervision

     2.  Physical Capabilities

     3.  Job Tolerance

     4.  Work Quality

     5.  Utilizes Criticism

     6.  Employability Skills

     7.  Communication Skills

Module XI:  Job Coaching

     1.  Job Task Analysis

     2.  Job Training

     3.  Job Behavior Management

     4.  Employer / Support System Relations

     5.  Work Readiness Evaluation

     6.  *SDS (Self-Directed Search) Testing - Matches personality to job occupations

     *Additional Charge of $9.95 for Test Plus ** Report Session-

     Additional Session for Individualized SDS Report Interpretation & Discussion

     ****  Corporate Pricing available by proposal / contract.   

      ***  Sliding Scale Available for individual services.       

  **Services are spiritually / inter-denominational based upon individual and universal belief systems.

*All Individual Counseling Services based on a 50-minute therapeutic hour

Group Energy Circles - Meditations - Meet-Up Group

Energy Healing Sessions (per session)

Spiritual Awareness Advanced Group

1.5 hr. (per person, per session)

Spiritual Awareness Beginning Group

1.5 hr. (per person, per session)

Spiritual Support Group (per person, per session hour)

1 hr. session

2 hr. session

Spiritual Based Support Group Counseling

Automatic Spiritual Writing Training

1.0 hr. individual training

2.0 hr workshop 6 person minimum

Ascension  Awareness Training

1.0 hr. individual session

2.0 hr. workshop 5 person minimum

Interactive Spiritual / Educational Training / Workshops

Services Available

Ministerial Services

        Wedding services

        Commitment Ceremonies

        Funeral and Memorial Services

        Baptisms / Christenings

        Respite Services

        Grief Counseling

Individual Automatic Channeled Writings

(2-day email turnaround)

Individual Readings: In Person (Including internet with Skype or webcam)

30 minute reading session

60 minute session

Other Individual Services

Lightworker Support Group

1.5 hr. (per person, per session, by invitation only)

Trauma & Addictions Support Group

1.5 hr. weekly (per person, per session, after Educational Training)

Job Readiness Support Group (per person, per session)

Employability Skills - Vocational Rehabilitation Support Group

(per person, per session, 10-week rotation commitment)

Anger Management Support Group

(per person, per session, after Educational Training)

Trauma Symptoms & Addiction Training

2.0 hr. workshop (per person, 5 person minimum)

Stress Management Training

3.0 hr. workshop w/ various relaxation techniques (per person)

Anger Management Education Workshop

4.0 hr. workshop (per person, 6 person minimum)

Spiritually Based Individual Life Coaching / Counseling

        1 hour Individual Sessions.*

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