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Daily Prayer of Love & Protection - combined Individual and As One

                   Channeled By: Dr.Margie Garcia - Mathier Star Eagle   © 2000 -2021    Original prayer 01/06/2004 revised 08/10/2012

 Dear Mother and Father God (Great Spirit, Creator): (05/05/05) I Am Thankful, Humble & Grateful that you’ve heard and answered my prayers that:
I AM (We are) Surrounded & Infused with the love that you are as the White Light of the Holy Spirit, protecting me (us) and keeping me (us) safe in Mother and Father Gods Love, in Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit.

 I AM (We are) Surrounded & Infused with the Golden Light of the Christ Consciousness – I AM (We are) Infused with Knowledge, Insight and Sight for the future as needed to do my (our) life’s work &  the healing work with others.

I AM (We are) Surrounded & Infused with the Green Light of Healing – In order to heal my (our) heart of pain and keep my (our) ego in Humility.  I AM (We are) Infused with Healing Energy with each Breathe I (We) take asking to be made whole in order to make others whole & in order to Heal my/our Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit from this life and any other life coming forward into this one – that does not serve my (our) highest good. I (We) breathe out all negativity, adversity, illness, fear and pain into the White Light of the Holy Spirit.  I (We) cannot heal in others what I (We) have not healed within myself (ourselves). 

I AM (We are) Surrounded & Infused with the Purple Light of Spiritual Wisdom, Balance and Truth. I AM (We are) Balanced in Mind, Body and Soul – My (Our) Intellect and Emotion- and my (our) Male and Female selves respectively. I AM (We are) Infused with Spiritual Wisdom and Truth. To Thine own self (selves) be true in the Truth of “Who I/We Really Am” from the realm of the divine.  Michael (Archangel) is at my (our) side being a warrior and defender of that truth, providing Healing, Clarity of Thought and Senses, while cutting a lighted path for me (us) through the Darkness surrounding my (our) beingness. Gabriel, Raphael and Azriel (Archangels) at my (our) side Infusing Green Healing Light energy, Strength, Courage, Annunciation and Clear vision.

I AM (We are) grounded in “The Universal Flow,” and I AM (We are) in awareness only as an “Observer in the Earth Plane Reality and Not With-in It.”  I AM (We are) Observing the Observer thru out all my (our) days and nights.

 I AM (We are) fully surrounded in mirrors - reflecting out - all negativity, adversity, illness, fear and pain sent directly to me (us), in Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit. Internally or surrounding my (our) beingness, and that all negativity, adversity, illness, fear, and pain are reflected back out to the White Light of the Holy Spirit.

 I AM (We are) remaining Detached with each soul that I (We) encounter throughout my (our) days and nights, and detach from the constraints of the Body, the Ego, & the Illusion. I (We) know and feel the Joy, Bliss & Peace that I (We) Really AM (ARE) that is kept in my (our) awareness throughout all my (our) days & nights on this plane.

 My Ego is (Our Ego’s are) kept in Humility in a Box outside of myself (ourselves), as well as all darkness and pain. So as not to be absorbed into my/our Mind, Body, Soul & Spirit. I (We) know in my (our) constant conscious awareness the Power that I AM (We are) & I (We) connect to in the All, while keeping my/our ego/Mind–self quieted throughout all my (our) days & nights.

 I (We) Have Removed all Doubt & Fear thru out all my/our days and nights as they do not serve my/our Highest Good, while having Full Confidence in myself/ourselves, in my/our Insights, and our intuitive gifts and abilities Through my (our) connection to Mother & Father God, My (Our) Higher Self, the Universal Flow, and My (Our) Guides.

 I AM (We are) continually infused guidance throughout all my (our) days / nights as needed or ask in order to do my (our) soul’s work and my (our) soul’s work with others.

 I AM (We are) Flowing all negativity through a tube outside of myself (ourselves) so as not to be absorbed by my (our) Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit but allowed to be aware of its presence when needed to do my (our) souls work and my (our) souls work with others.

I AM (We are) continually and completely Releasing all negativity, adversity, illness, fear, and pain from my/our inner self and others as needed in a kind, gentle, and peaceful way from my (our) Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit.

 I AM (We are) continually Infused with Energy during the day as needed and as I Am (We are) doing my (our) Soul’s healing work with others.

 I AM (We are) remembering to connect with each Soul that I (We) encounter seeing the Divine in All who cross my (our) path.

 I (We) Know and Remember “Who I Really Am,” and I AM (We are) Feeling the Peace of my (our) True Self as One. Myself (Ourselves) as “One Who Loves Without Condition” - my Light, my Truth, my Faith, my Joy, my Strength & my Courage, and to be The Healer that “I Am that, I AM” (We are)  that is kept in the forefront of my (our) awareness throughout each day.

 I AM (We are) Infused with Love, Joy, & Peace of Self, Patience with myself (ourselves) and with others, and I AM (We are)  Remembering to be Kind to me (ourselves), As I AM (We are)  bringing these up within me (us) to Love and Nurture myself (ourselves) and be Joyful & In Balance.

 I (We) Infuse Peace to each Soul individually and collectively as I AM (We are) Peace Collectively.

 I (We) catapult my (our) Blessings, Love & Light out to the Stars, the Universe, Across ALL DIVINE DIMENSIONS, Surrounding the Earth Plane and back down through me (us) again.

The ALL of Our Spiritual / Earth-Plane Families and Partners, Soul Mates and Twin Souls are surrounded in My (Our) Angels of Love & Light, Strength & Courage, Hope & Faith, Spiritual Truth & Trust, Protection & Balance - while in learning their life’s path and “Who They Really Are” within the duality of this Earth Planes illusion. And to know and feel the true love that they are. I (We) send them Green and Violet Healing Light Energy so they may find and feel their own Love, Light, Joy, Peace and Truth within themselves while healing all they have encountered and absorbed in negativity and pain on this plane.

 My Dearest Spiritual Love & Life Partner (Insert name if applicable)  -  together with Me as One, is Surrounded & Infused in total Compassion, Healing Light Energy, Our Angels of Love & Light, Strength & Courage, Hope & Faith, Spiritual Truth & Trust, Protection & Balance, Our Hearts Passion and Desire and in prayers of Humility in order to heal our heart of all pain, & dispel our ego’s in Humility and to Remember “Who We Really Are,” To Feel the purer form of Love that we have asked to remember. I send Gratitude & Blessings for us to Mother and Father God while cementing our intellect and emotion in infinite Balance.

 That my Mom/Dad (Insert as applicable) is (are) Surrounded & Infused in Love & Healing Light Energy so that (she/he/they) may find the purer form of love in their experience that (she/he/they) desires in order to spiritually transition totally and completely. While healing (her/his/their) Heart of all the pain that (she/he/they) has encountered on this plane while seeing and feeling the truth of “Who (She/He/They) Really Is /Are.”  While also forgiving them and myself of all transgressions which may have been done to each other on this Earth plane, knowing there are truly no transgressions in the "True Reality" of “Who We Really Are”, and take responsibility of the transgressions we created for our own growth and experiences.

 I (We) send my (our) Love, Light, Truth, Faith, Courage, Compassion, & Healing Light Energy with Blessings, to (Insert Names of your choice - All Children, Family members, Friends and/or Animals) and All our loving friends, family, and animals in this and past lifetime’s on this Earth Plane as We are all One.

 I AM (We are) Humbled to be Infused and Bestowed with God’s Grace and that their Grace passes through me (us) to the ALL of us as One - under Heaven and also above in ALL Divine dimensions.

I (We) Bless Each Event of the day and night providing me (us) Awareness of Myself (Ourselves) as “Who I Really Am” as I AM (We are) part of the Perfection of ALL things – In my (our) own spiritual work & path and the Souls work I AM (We are) so Blessed to do with others – in order for others to heal and know “Who They Really Are” in their own Awareness. 

I (We) send Blessings, Love & Light, through my (our) Heart’s center with much Gratitude, as I Am (We are) so Blessedly Thankful, Humbled, and Grateful for these events and my (our) Spiritual gifts. I (We) send my (our) Thankfulness, Humility, & Gratitude back to Mother and Father God (Great Spirit), my (our) Guides & Angels, and my (our) Earth plane family who have crossed over, and all those who cross my (our) path during the day and night for all their help and guidance in my (our) learning. 

 I (We) Serve Mother & Father God’s Divine Plan as an Instrument of Love & Healing within the Earth Plane Illusion and across ALL Divine Dimensions. Thy – Mother & Father God’s / Our Will Be Done. As I (We) Know that We are Not Separate and I (We) Trust in our inner knowing, guidance and direction to provide Healing, Love, Peace, and Joy to ALL that I AM (We are) and those that I (We) encounter for Our Highest Good.  How can I (We) be of Service today?

 I AM (We are) (either Removing /or/ Applying) my (our) Lotus Flower of Love, Light, Healing, Vision, Knowledge, Truth, Faith, Peace, Grace, Balance & Joy.

 I (We) ask for continuous guidance & All that I (We) desire / create for myself (ourselves) for our Highest Good and to Remove Me (Us) and to Release All Cords from my (our) inner-self that I (We) have absorbed from other‘s negativity, darkness, and pain which have also been carried through this and over from previous lifetimes. 

I (We) ask to be continually surrounded in loving light and balance, to know myself (ourselves) above all else as “A Healer, and One Who Loves without Condition.” (Whatever your Divine Life Purpose /Mission is known to be). While knowing from the Core of My (Our) Beingness that ALL Joy & Love is within me (us) & Divine Truth is in my (our) Awareness.

Personally Affirming:

“I (We) accept ALL Good graciously into my (our) life, All my (our) desires are met in an ongoing Universal Flow of Abundance for me (us) in the Now and Al-ways – as "It Is So" in order to assist others in their healing, growth,  awareness and spiritual development of Who They Really Are.”

“I (We) attract everything that is positive and Only for my (our) Highest Good into my (our) life / lives.”

“I (We) will ‘Re-Member’ the All of Who We Really Are as One.”

Blessed Be “The All” Under and Above Mother Earth and Heavens Divine Dimensions – With Much Love & Light.
                       Amen / Ah Ho / Namaste               

                     By: Dr. Margie A. Garcia-Mathier - Star Eagle   © 2000 -2021

11/05/2017 - History of the Prayer -  The following  "Daily Prayer of Love and Protection" was taken from excerpts of

original channeled writings during the period of 2000 through 2004.  In order to start from the beginning - Back in May of

2000 I began channeling my Angel /Spirit Guides through automatic writing and I was guided to keep a journal. During

2004 I was guided to review the past 4 years of writings and to then pull out excerpts that had been written to teach me

a new way of Prayer and Protecting myself as I am Clairsentient and could not go to many public places without feeling

everyone's emotions and pains. During this period of my life while working through a very emotional time and traumatic l

life events was also a time of intense spiritual growth and awareness.  I used this Prayer daily, sometimes 3 times a day

for a number of years, and as I grew in Awareness of "Who I Really Am," I periodically made changes (in order to be very

specific) to fine tune the prayer to my needs. I was at one point guided to include both an "I" prayer and a "We" format

of the prayer for group use, and that could be used inter-changeably. This was meant to be published years ago, and due

to many years of social fears I had hidden "Who I Am" and "What I do," which is no longer the case. The prayer and

statement to the universe is rather long however covers a lot. You are welcome to use all or parts of the "Daily Prayer of

Love and Protection" just please make sure you credit the author and copyright.

Daily Prayer of Love & Protection

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