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Own All that YOU are and can do without FEAR.  All people coming into this life's journey bring in with them different spiritual gifts in which to use and develop throughout their lifetime.  These are some of those which are more common. We are Spiritual beings having a human experience contrary to the current belief system of the masses.

A person who is Clairsentient  (also described as being "Empathic") are people who feel and / or sense other people's pain, anxiety, or spasms in their own body.  It can be close proximity, or from many miles away if someone is mentally calling or connecting to you, such as your children.  People who have this also feels their angels / guides in their bodies and / or their hearts.  An Empathic person may feel the vibration of their beingness, a name, an idea or a feeling mixed with a 3rd eye vision.

Being  Claircognizant(or "clear knowing"), a person just has a "knowing" about things.  "You know what you know" all of a sudden, often "out of nowhere".  For many strong in this gift, it feels like knowledge pours into the top of their heads.  Many have described instances of "knowing" a person's medical or life-trauma problem and use that knowledge to assist in healing.

Sometimes, a person will hear their spirit guides of others either audibly or inside their head, more times than not like it is their own voice speaking to them.  This is an example of Clairaudient  or "clear hearing".  Sometimes it can appear as hearing a name called out in someone else's voice, usually in a twilight stage of sleep, or full sentences while driving a car.  Occasionally, it can be like a club full of people in interactive group conversations, or music as clear as a bell from a different era, or a mass of people all talking at once.

Some people's psychic experiences actually manifest themselves physically.  This is referred to as being Clairvoyant  or "clear seeing".  For some, it can be like a movie playing in their head, or a symbol or brief still image, or an outline of people bustling about in the "changed environment" superimposed over the area being looked like.  Like looking at a wooded area or a semi-cleared area now has an amphitheater in it and bleachers across from it that isn't physically there yet and lines of people waiting to go in.

Some experience Pre-cognition  and get premonitions and periodically travel with awareness during sleep, have "out-of-body experiences" or be clairvoyantly transposed into an area as if that area's dimension of past or future has shifted to another scene.  Mostly appears for preparation of traumatic life events, a current "in the moment trauma" or precluding a need for choices or decisions in exit point. 

These are just some of the gifts people come in to this life with there are many others and some of these have alternative names depending on where you live or the metaphysical philosophy you connect with.

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